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The Rise of Zombie Governments

State gov.s omit pension obligations to hide insolvency.

Timber Subsidies Like “Crack for the Agricultural Community”

Conservative Reserve subsidy proves counterproductive.

The Federal Student Loan Fiasco

$1.2 trillion borrowed to fund Federal Direct Student Loan Program.

What Is Your State’s Fiscal Health Ranking?

Poor fiscal health calls for reform and law enforcement.

Federal Spending Drives Budget Deficit in 2018

Despite tax cuts, tax revenue actually increased in FY18.

How Does Your State Rank on Individual Taxes?

Individual income tax indicates states’ business tax climate.

Debt Trap Diplomacy

U.S. taxpayers to pay the price for countering China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The Return of Trillion Dollar Deficits

Federal Student Loan program driving national debt.

Binge Spending by Government Bureaucrats

With the close of FY18 looming, federal spending is expected to skyrocket.

President Trump Starts Signing 2019 Spending Bills

The proposed spending bill funds key programs at a hefty price tag.

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