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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Managing Director of Political Calculations, and the creator of the Government Cost Calculator at
Federal Government versus Private Sector Compensation
Illinois’ Growing Public Employee Pension Liability Crisis
Construction of California’s Stonehenge Costing $3.1 Million Per Day
Unlawful Obamacare Fees to Add to National Debt
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Federal Bureaucrats Behaving Badly
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Government-Pushed Ethanol Harms People, Environment
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A Sleeping Watchdog at the VA
Pay for Play on Capitol Hill
The Fiscal Impact of President Trump’s Tax Cuts
Feds Spend $3M to Find Out Why Clubbers Get Drunk and Aggressive
U.S. Collects Record Tax Revenue, but Deficits Keep Piling Up
The Myth of “Money the Government Owes Itself”
Facebook Censors the Declaration of Independence
VA Nursing Home Scandal Exposes Substandard Government Health Care
The CBO Agrees: It’s the Spending, Stupid!
Growing Public Employee Benefits to Force School Cuts
An Ugly Hockey Stick of Student Loan Debt
It’s the Spending, Stupid!
NEA Grants for Clown College
Should Uncle Sam Set Up a GoFundMe for the National Debt?

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