Tag: Economics
Polarizing Ideology
Political Capitalism
I Hope Russia Wins
Seattle Strives to Be More Like Detroit
Leland B. Yeager: 1924-2018
Trump: Invest in the United States
Capitalism’s Biggest Enemies Are Capitalists
How a Charity Uses Fake Money and Auction Markets to Help Feed America
Optimality—The Mainstream Economist’s Holy Grail
Partisan Politics Disenfranchises the Minority Party
Tax Tinkering
Voluntary Provision of a So-called Public Good
Knowledge Better Left Unknown
Fred S. McChesney, Rest in Peace
Progressive Democracy Works for the 1%
A Plea to My Male (and Female) Colleagues in Economics
The Double Tax on Saving
Tax Reform V: Eliminate the Estate Tax
Tax Reform IV: Corporate Tax Reform
Tax Reform III: Tax Employer Health Care Benefits; Offer a Tax Credit to Health Insurance Purchasers
Tax Reform II: Lower Rates; Eliminate Deductions
Tax Reform I: Expand the IRA
Will the Workday Shrink to Four Hours?
Prosperity, Not Soda Taxes, Fosters Good Health
Trump Looks Forward to 4% GDP Growth

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