C-SPAN to Air Independent Policy Forum: “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America”

C-SPAN2’s Book TV will air the Independent Institute’s Policy Forum, “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America,” that was held in Washington, D.C., and features Senior Fellow Robert H. Nelson and his new Institute book, The New Holy Wars. Dr. Nelson is joined by Steven F. Hayward (F.K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow, American Enterprise Institute) and Max L. Stackhouse (Professor Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary) for a discourse on the contemporary struggles between the competing secular religions of economics and environmentalism, as outlined in The New Holy Wars (winner, 2010 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Book Award).

C-SPAN2 will broadcast this very timely and far-reaching event as follows (times may be subject to change):

  • Saturday, December 11th at 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT)
  • Sunday, December 12th at 5:30 p.m. ET (2:30 p.m. PT)

“Economics and environmentalism are types of modern religions.” So says Dr. Nelson in his analysis of the roots of economics and environmentalism and their mutually antagonistic relations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. So while environmentalists regard human actions that use and transform natural resources, expand human populations and increase economic growth as immoral challenges to the natural order, economists believe that all human needs can best be met by putting nature to maximum use for the efficient production of more goods and services.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch these three top experts on the “clash of two public theologies”! The outcome of this conflict will have profound consequences for us all.

David J. Theroux is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Institute and Publisher of the quarterly journal, The Independent Review.
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