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Mario Vargas Llosa’s Intellectual Journey

Mario Vargas Llosa admired the Cuban Revolution well into his writing career, but for more than two decades the 2010 Nobel laureate author has been the most famous exponent of classical liberalism in the Spanish-speaking world. Why did he forsake the radical collectivism of Che and Marx and embrace individual liberty instead? In his…
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Students: Enroll in an Independent Institute Summer Seminar!

This summer, the Independent Institute is excited to host “The Challenge of Liberty”, two student seminar programs, one geared toward college students and the other for high school students. The high school session runs from June 20 to 24 at our offices in Oakland and the college program will be held at a Bay…
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C-SPAN to Air Independent Policy Forum: “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America”

C-SPAN2’s Book TV will air the Independent Institute’s Policy Forum, “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America,” that was held in Washington, D.C., and features Senior Fellow Robert H. Nelson and his new Institute book, The New Holy Wars. Dr. Nelson is joined by Steven F. Hayward (F.K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow, American Enterprise Institute) and…
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Get in Touch with Your Inner Survivorman? New FEMA Head Encourages It

The new head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, former Florida firefighter and state disaster coordinator Craig Fugate, says he hopes to steer his organization in a different direction. According to Amanda Ripley’s dispatch in the September issue of The Atlantic, Fugate wants FEMA’s role to be less paternalistic and more modest and collaborative:…
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Make Summer Vacation Exciting and Enlightening!

Attention High-school Students & College Undergrads: Don’t let your intellect atrophy! Make summer vacation a time to delve into new subjects or to probe topics that have sounded intriguing to you. The Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar explores economics, liberty, and society using lectures, discussion, directed reading, and multimedia presentations. Students consistently give our…
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Reforming Environmental Policy: Seminar for Homeschool Students

Gregory Rehmke (Economic Thinking and the Foundation for Economic Education) will be speaking to homeschoolers in Idaho on July 15. The topic: reforming environmental policy. Students interested in Lincoln-Douglas debate competitions will find this program especially helpful. (Students unable to attend will have the opportunity to hear him give two talks at our own…
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Challenge of Liberty Seminar Now Open to Single-Day Attendance

Attention High-school Students and College Undergrads: If you wish to attend the Challenge of Liberty Student Seminars but your schedule prevents you from attending for the entire week, then fret no more! The Independent Institute is opening up the June session of its popular seminar to single-day attendance. Pay for only those days that…
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Cong. Ron Paul to Interview Ivan Eland on C-SPAN

In addition to Senior Fellow Robert Higgs being spotlighted on C-SPAN2’s prestigious In Depth program starting Sunday April 5th, Senior Fellow Ivan Eland will be interviewed by former presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, on C-SPAN2’s widely influential After Words program to discuss Dr. Eland’s new Independent Institute book Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on…
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