Tag: Personal Liberty
Another Problem with the War on Drugs
National Employee Freedom Week
Political Capitalism
California Parents Need Educational Choices, Not Court Battles
A Hidden Cost of Inflation
Florida Becomes First State to Offer Student Safety Scholarships
Commonsense Firearm Regulation
Sacramento Should Celebrate National School Choice Week with Bold, Student-Centered Thinking
Progressive Democracy
Iranian Unrest
Rule of Law: Order Versus Justice
Want a Choice Not an Echo in Education? Then Keep the Feds Out
Why Subsidize the U.S. Department of Education When We Could Be Funding ESAs Ourselves?
Enabling California K-12 Students to Thrive through Education Savings Accounts
Don’t Shed Any Tears over the Repeal of Cook County’s Soda Tax
Black Lives Matter?
Sanctuary Cities and Recreational Marijuana
Localize, Don’t Federalize, Educational Choice
Parental Choice Smear Campaign Falls Flat
The School Choice Deplorables
Is Jeff Sessions Still Attorney General?
Parents Lack Actionable Information about Their Children’s Academic Performance
What Would the Iron Lady Do with the U.S. Department of Education?
Prosperity, Not Soda Taxes, Fosters Good Health
The Real Educational Choice Debate Isn’t About Money. It’s About Government Control

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