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Crazy Rich Asians and an American in Singapore
Won’t You Be My Neighbor Chronicles the Life of One of the Good Guys
Mission: Impossible–Fallout and Deep State Redemption
The Equalizer 2 Is More Than Just Another Vigilante Movie
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Raises Ethical Questions about Technology and Life
Adrift Testifies to the Strength of the Human Spirit
Solo: A Star Wars Story Entertains with Grounded Individualism
Avengers: Infinity War Drops the Population Bomb
Review: Little Pink House Shows How Machinery of Government Undermines Civil Liberties
Review: Ready Player One Entertains Using Fear of Tech Oligarchy
Review: Black Panther’s Box Office Success Is Well Earned
Five Recent Movies that Explore Race in America
Review: Darkest Hour Probes Depths of Political Courage
Review: Pro-Liberty Themes Thrive in Molly’s Game
Review: The Post Puts Freedom of the Press in Spotlight
Review: The Florida Project Shines Light on Underbelly of American Labor Market
Review: Marshall Spotlights Neglected Part of Civil Rights History
Review: The Hitman’s Bodyguard and the Ethics of Assassination
Review: Detroit Shows How Violence Opens Door to Injustice
Review: Atomic Blonde‘s Stylish Action Bolstered by Duplicity of War
Review: Baby Driver’s Wild Ride With Heart
Review: Valerian Entertains with Focus on Visual Effects and Personal Dignity
Review: Dunkirk Immerses Viewers in Military Disaster
Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Romps Through Space with Purpose

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