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Three Haiku on Regime Uncertainty
Politics Is Not Just Spy versus Spy; It’s also Slogan versus Slogan
Self Censorship
“Creepy Uncle Sam” Obamacare Care-nival
The Economics of Offensive Trademarks
Patent Litigation Is No Laughing Matter… Or Is It?
Common Core Makes Simple Math as Complicated as the Tax Code
New Videos Slam Obamacare’s Lies
Gun Control? Someone Picked the Wrong . . .
The “Green” Election Market Proxy
Equality Requires Men and Non-Mom Working Women to Work Less
Diminishing His Position
Government Gives Itself a 99.9% Score
Ode to the Welfare State
Another Agency in Search of a Mission: Department of Homeland Security Issues Warning on Turkey Fryers
Stephen Colbert ‘Takes On’ Occupy Wall Street
Berkeley College Republicans Draw Attention to Race-Based Admission Policies
Weird Al Yankovic: “Party in the C.I.A.”
Zora and Spike on “that Greek slut”
Blogger, Post at Your Peril
The Daily Show Skewers San Francisco’s Ban of Happy Meals
The Federal Reserve: Deficit Enabler
New TSA Checkpoint Sign
“American Pie” – Altered to Lament My Life and Times as an Economist
Mainstream Economists Will Have a Blast at This Year’s Halloween Parties

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