Tag: Food and Drug Administration
When Healthy Policy Neglects Economic Principles, Patients Suffer
FDA Still Hooked on Meddling in Nicotine Markets
Let Competition, Not the FDA, Resolve the EpiPen Shortage
FDA Approves Medical App for Contraception
Open Up Off-Label Drug Communication and Let the Market Work!
Three Reasons To Be Optimistic about Pharmaceutical Policy
Putting Right-to-Try Drug Prices in Perspective
EpiPen Pricing Controversy Reveals Ignorance about Market Competition
Dear Congress, Please Don’t Keep Up with the Kardashians!
FDA Moves Closer to Approving Ecstasy
Right-to-Try Law Signed!
Curing Diseases Is Sustainable, Government in Healthcare Is Not
FDA Cracks Down on Online Eye-Exam Company
The FDA Plans to Regulate Nicotine in Cigarettes
American Patients Can Access Far More New Cancer Drugs than Others Can
Congress Just Punched a Big Hole in Obamacare
The FDA Cannot Hire Staff with Starting Salaries of $160,000
Good and Bad News on Generic Drug Approvals
Who Benefits from “Right to Try” Laws?
One Solution to the EpiPen Crisis: Repeal Durham-Humphrey!
EpiPen: A Case Study of Government Harm
FDA Driving Drug Prices into Stratosphere
Game Developers Face Final Boss: The FDA
Victory for Free Speech in Medicine
Can the Rampaging Leviathan Be Stopped or Slowed?

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