Think You’re Smart? Try This Quiz from The Independent Review!

“THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW is excellent.” —Gary Becker, Nobel Laureate in Economic Science

The fall 2012 issue of The Independent Review, our quarterly journal edited by Robert Higgs, is hot off the press!

As always, The Independent Review deals with a wide variety of fascinating questions about economic policy, political and social theory, and intellectual history.

To test your wits, try answering the questions addressed in the new issue. Then crack open your own copy of the journal, read the contents, and compare your results.

Let the quiz begin.

  • What assumptions must economic theorists drop in order to make their work relevant to policymakers in the real world?
  • How can philanthropists help make colleges and universities more receptive to the ideals of a free society? Read the article.
  • What does the Arab-Israeli dispute suggest about broad trends of war in the world?
  • How do markets moderate the dark side of emotional morality? Read the article.
  • What essential provision has been lacking in proposals for a Balanced Budget Amendment? Read the article.
  • How do economists view ideological openness?
  • How would a market approach to accreditation in higher education work?
  • How did property rights work to minimize environmental externalities in the world’s most productive silver mining district?
  • How would a market-based legal system solve the problem of “regime uncertainty”?
  • Why is individualism declining in the western world?
  • What is the key issue in regulatory reform?
  • How can Adam Smith help us better understand what’s wrong with government intervention? Read the article.
  • What exactly is the U.S. government’s policy on torture?
  • If a society sought only to maximize general prosperity, what kinds of moral beliefs would it choose? Read the book review.
  • How does war-making rhetoric affect the size and scope of government, the status of rights, and the ideological landscape? Read the book review.
  • What rhetorical strategies do war makers employ to reduce the public’s resistance to going to war? Read the article.

The Independent Review (Fall 2012)

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Carl Close is Research Fellow and Senior Editor for The Independent Institute and Assistant Editor of The Independent Review and editor of The Lighthouse, The Independent Institute’s weekly e-mail newsletter.
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