Tag: Regulation
When Healthy Policy Neglects Economic Principles, Patients Suffer
FDA Still Hooked on Meddling in Nicotine Markets
Let Competition, Not the FDA, Resolve the EpiPen Shortage
FDA Considers Regulating E-cigarette Juices
Political Capitalism
Wishful Thinking on Fake News
A Hidden Cost of Inflation
The FDA Plans to Regulate Nicotine in Cigarettes
Commonsense Firearm Regulation
Want a Choice Not an Echo in Education? Then Keep the Feds Out
Fred S. McChesney, Rest in Peace
Want a Happier, Healthier, and More Prosperous Society? Try Freedom, Innovation and Incentives
Localize, Don’t Federalize, Educational Choice
The Real Educational Choice Debate Isn’t About Money. It’s About Government Control
Another Shooting in a “Gun Free” Zone
Trump’s Tactic Is Certain to Create “Regime Uncertainty”
9/11’s Legacies: Fewer Civil Liberties and Bigger Banks
Telehealth Opportunity versus Telehealth “Parity”
The “Right to Shop” for Health Care
Should the Feds Regulate Physicians’ Scope of Practice?
Trump’s Talk: Aspirations, Not Policies
Big Government, Racial Violence, and the Police
Should Dissent Be Allowed in Health Care?
The Uneasy Relationship Between Progressivism and Freedom
Scotland’s Looming Regulatory Hangover

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