Obama Is Worried

The White House is shrugging off the Republican electoral victories. But we know what the elections mean: The people are fed up with the march toward nationalization and socialism. Just like the 2006 elections were a repudiation of Bush’s war policy, yesterday marked public discontent with the Democrats’ war on the economy. This is all to the good, and in the short term, it means Obamacare is in trouble. It would be great to see this awful proposal go down in flames, like HillaryCare in Bill’s first term. On the other hand, our health care system is indeed in crisis with skyrocketing costs, thanks to the government, and over the years we will continue hearing it all blamed on the market. Since the Republicans have never done anything to advance medical liberty—qqqthe only counterexamples I can think of are such minor exceptions so as to prove the rule—qqqwe need a revolution in public consciousness if we are to actually address the many problems with American health care and forestall the determined efforts of interventionists to destroy what’s left of the private sector in medicine.

If we’re going to have a Democratic president, the more Republicans in Congress the better, probably. This is no a priori formula for liberty—qqqgridlock is no panacea—qqqbut at least we can see the politicians spend more of their time fighting each other and less time conspiring to strip away our freedoms.

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