Tag: Welfare
The Case for Abolishing Medicaid
The Salmon Trap: An Analogy for People’s Entrapment by the State
Obama to Charities: Bite the Hand that Feeds You, or Else!
Mayor Bloomberg: “Let Them Eat Cake”
Are Welfare Programs Worth What They Cost?
Obama’s Trifecta: The 3 Biggest Lies
How Much Does Healthcare Spending Matter?
Waste, Waste Everywhere and Not a Dime to Spare
Obama is Stuck on the First Envelope
Better Solutions for Pre-Existing Conditions
Freeing the Doctor
How Perverse Incentives Affect Healthcare Behavior
Competition Based on Quality of Healthcare: Why Does Quality Rise in Free Markets and Decline with Government?
Can Entrepreneurship Be Copied? Some Behaviors Can Be Replicated, but Results Are Unique.
Healthcare Entrepreneurs: Unleash the Innovative Caregivers
How Third-Party Payers Crush Entrepreneurs
Private-Sector Socialism: What the Right and Left Don’t Understand about Healthcare in Other Countries
The Market for Healthcare Risk: How the Current System Biases Against Patients with Pre-existing Conditions
Health Insurance vs. Healthcare: When Socializing Risk Pays Off
How Much Does Health Insurance Affect Health? Some Surprising Answers
The Problem of Unintended Consequences: How Good Intentions Often Lead to Perverse Effects
How Much Do You Trust the Government? Politics, Patients, and Perverse Incentives
Two Approaches to Regulation
The Obamacare Ruling’s Threat to Charity

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