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Macroeconomic Policy, European-Style

Last Spring President Obama tried to talk German Chancellor Angela Merkel into continuing massive deficit spending to support the sagging economy.  Quitting now, Obama argued, would cut the recovery short and risk major economic problems.  A more sluggish German economy would slow world recovery, including recovery in the U.S.  Merkel’s response was that narrowing…
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Bernanke’s Reappointment

President Obama announced that he will reappoint Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), and I’m more than OK with the president’s decision.  Bernanke’s policies over the past year and a half have put the Fed in a precarious position, but Bernanke says he has an…
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“Uncle Jay” on Government Spending and Deficits

Children, especially you, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, we will have no more interrupting, bullying or other disruptive behavior! Now boys and girls, are you all paying attention? Here is Emmy Award-winner “Uncle Jay” (Jay Gilbert) to explain your gargantuan, reckless, and predatory government…
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As if a Forced Cable Transition Isn’t Silly Enough

For anyone still lingering in the “dark ages” of rabbit ears (Wait, do we have to switch yet? Don’t we? Is there a right answer?), the president has developed a “coupon program” to help subsidize the cost of the converter box needed for the upgrade. In fact, he has set aside an additional $650…
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The Power of Numbers: Simplify, Simplify!

In this election cycle, I am encountering many more libertarian activists than usual, driven by Ron Paul’s “Revolution.” As the Revolution fizzles, those concerned with advancing the cause of liberty—Ron Paul fans or not—need to take stock of our “failure to communicate” (not a good thing as Cool Hand Luke found out). I have…
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