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A Hidden Cost of Inflation

One hidden cost of inflation is that it makes an increasingly large share of cash holdings and transactions subject to government surveillance.

Politics and American Surveillance

Editor: Today is the publication date of the Independent Institute’s newest book, American Surveillance: Intelligence, Privacy, and the Fourth Amendment, by Anthony Gregory (Research Fellow, Independent Institute). Published for Independent by the University of Wisconsin Press, this widely acclaimed new book traces the history of government surveillance in the U.S. that transcends party divides,…
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Apple Encryption and the Erosion of Privacy

In the wake of the terror attack in San Bernardino late last year, the FBI and other government agents set out to uncover as much information about the attackers as possible. After searching the suspects’ home, speaking with the families of the perpetrators, and looking for other clues, authorities had uncovered a great deal…
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SCOTUS Stretches Probable Cause Standard to Find Qualified Immunity

This week, SCOTUS decided Messerschmidt v. Millender, which greatly stretched the probable cause standard. This is not a good case for those seeking to limit state power. The facts are pretty simple. Shelly Kelly was attacked by her former boyfriend Jerry Ray Bowen. Kelly reported the attack to the police and stated that Bowen…
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Supreme Court Limits Car Searches

The Court has ruled in favor a higher standard for cops to meet before they can search the cars of stopped and arrested motorists. In an interesting example of the breakdown of the left/right spectrum, Stevens’s decision was joined by Souter, Ginsburg, Scalia and Thomas. Roberts, Alito, Kennedy and Breyer dissented.

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