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Golden Deep State

The surging national economy has given California a budget surplus by some accounts of more than $5 billion, with tax collections up about $3.8 billion above what Governor Jerry Brown anticipated in January. California taxpayers should not expect Brown to return any money to the taxpayers, in the style of governor George Deukmejian, who…
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Budget Crunches Supply Golden Opportunities for Governmental Reform

Unprecedented budget deficits at the local, state and federal levels of government should not be cause for despair, but rather taken advantage of to force the public sector to confine itself to its constitutionally delegated powers. In last Thursday’s (June 18, 2009) Orange County Register, columnist Shawn Steel jumped on a bandwagon I’ve been…
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Tax “Reform”, Terminator-Style

In searching for ways of resolving California’s $21 billion budget “crisis”, some months ago Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed a commission (“blue-ribbon” is obligatory here) to study ways of revamping the state’s tax code. According to him, the current system, which relies heavily on income tax receipts to fund governmental operations, produces a revenue stream…
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Radical Reform Is Needed in California

Looking at the budget crisis, Governor Schwarzenegger ordered a temporary reduction of the salaries of 200,000 state employees to the minimum wage. This gesture is largely symbolic. Indeed, the pay system is so antiquated in California that it could take six months just to make the salary change. Meanwhile, the governor has proposed a…
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