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Archive for July, 2018
Mission: Impossible–Fallout and Deep State Redemption

Delivering what the people want: dazzling chase scenes and jaw-dropping stunts!

A Sleeping Watchdog at the VA

VA Accountability Act failing to hold wrongdoers accountable.

Do California’s Homeless Need a New Cabinet-Level Position?

More bureaucracy won’t get people off of the streets.

Pay for Play on Capitol Hill

Congressional committee participation determined by lobbyist funding.

The Delusion of a Win-Win Trade War

The only way to win a trade war is not to fight one.

Why Dozy DMV Is Dangerous

With Government-run agencies, inefficiencies abound.

Proposition 47 a Smashing Success for Criminals

Under Prop. 47, criminals find the reward greater than the risk.

Will Janus Decision Mean Payback Time for Workers?

Government employee unions can no longer confiscate money from independent workers.

The Fiscal Impact of President Trump’s Tax Cuts

Not fully paying for themselves nor “exploding” the deficit.

The Equalizer 2 Is More Than Just Another Vigilante Movie

With the pace, structure, and depth of an independent film, this is not a simple add-on to the franchise.

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