Four Recent Polls Show Obamacare Extremely Vulnerable

The media told us that Obamacare’s enrolling 8 million (or so) beneficiaries in the health-insurance exchanges by the end of March was an epic achievement. If that was the best the administration could do, it was not nearly good enough for the American people.

Five polls, conducted since Obamacare’s initial open enrollment closed, confirm that the administration’s “all hands on deck” surge at the end of March failed to change negative public perception of Obamacare. Here’s the list:

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll:

  • 38 Percent “favorable” vs. 46 percent “unfavorable”;

Washington Post/ABC News:

  • Obama’s implementation of new health law—qqq37 percent “approve” vs. 57 percent “disapprove”,
  • Implementation better or worse than expected?—qqq41 percent “better” vs. 50 percent “worse”,
  • Is healthcare system getting better or worse? — 24 percent “better” vs. 44 percent “worse”;

Wall Street Journal/NBC News:

  • Obama’s health care plan overall—qqq36 percent “good idea” vs. 46 percent “bad idea”,
  • How is it working?—qqq8 percent “working well” vs. 21 percent “should be totally eliminated”,
  • Obamacare’s impact on your family?—qqq13 percent “positive impact” vs. 28 percent “negative impact”;

Pew Research Center:

  • Your view of the Affordable Care Act? — 41 percent “approve” vs. 55 percent “disapprove”.

Four years after Obamacare was signed, the persistence of unfavorable ratings for the president’s most important first-term achievement shows that the people are ready for alternative reform that puts the people, not the state, in charge of our health care.

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For the pivotal alternative to Obamacare, please see the Independent Institute’s widely acclaimed book: Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis, by John C. Goodman.

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