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Capping Federal Medicaid Funding Would Save $110 Billion to $150 Billion in 5 Years
American Health Insurance Is Upside Down
Fixed-Dollar Tax Credits Would Reduce Individual Health Insurance Premiums
Over a Decade Later, Tax Hikes Still Proposed to Pay for Romneycare
Pre-Existing Conditions and High-Risk Pools
Senator Sanders, There Is No Right to Health Care in Canada
Obamacare’s Bureaucracy: The Amazing Rise in Health Insurance Jobs
Obamacare’s Individual Mandate and Tax Credits Are Really, Really Inefficient
Obama Economists’ Bad Obamacare Economics
U.S. Life Expectancy Drops First Time since 1993
EPA Undermines the Fight Against Zika Virus
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Illustrating Obamacare’s Effect on Employers’ Health Costs

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