What If She Had Been Unarmed?

Melinda Herman was a victim of a home invasion.  With two children under her care,  and a husband many miles away, she fortunately had a weapon.  Although under the castle doctrine, she had no duty to retreat from the invader, she ran with her children to the attic and tried to hide.  Her back to the wall, she emptied her revolver into the invader, hitting him five times.  He still had the strength to get up and flee from the home.

What if she had been unarmed?  The local sheriff observed: “Had it not turned out the way that it did, I would possibly be working a triple homicide, not having a clue as to who it is we’re looking for.”

Despite the current push to outlaw high-capacity magazines and certain rifles, it sounds to me like Mrs. Herman could have used both of these for family protection.  Fortunately, this situation turned out well though she was armed with just a small revolver.  But anti-gun crusaders need to keep in mind that home invasions and such are real dangers for law abiding citizens.  We must be able to protect ourselves and our families.

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