Alex Tabarrok Interviewed on Restoring Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Independent Institute Research Director Alexander Tabarrok is interviewed here by Ray Lehmann on the FIRE (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate News) Podcast for the Heartland Institute. The interview discusses many government barriers that exist that block innovation and what policy reforms could be adopted now to restore entrepreneurship and prosperity. Issues addressed include patents and intellectual property, public schools, higher education, and much more, all drawing upon Dr. Tabarrok’s new e-book, Launching the Innovation Renaissance: A New Path to Bring Smart Ideas to Market Fast.

Also please see the following, in-depth book from Dr. Tabbarok that explores innovation and entrepreneurship through market-based reforms in genetic testing, patents, health and wealth insurance, legal gridlock, probation and parole, urban transit, intelligence gathering, bankruptcy, investor protection, and even the shortage of human organs:

Entrepreneurial Economics: Bright Ideas from the Dismal Science, edited by Alexander T. Tabarrok, foreword by Steven E. Landsburg

Download audio file (24:14 minutes)

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