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Do You Have a Permit for That Birthday Cake? |

Do You Have a Permit for That Birthday Cake?

As just another example that the Nanny State is alive and flourishing in San Francisco—the city that delights in calling itself a bastion of “freedom”—here are a few of the rules if you wish to hold your child’s birthday party in one of its public parks:

Don’t bring Mylar balloons. Don’t attach non-Mylar balloons to a park bench or tree. Same with pinatas, streamers and signs (a freestanding pole is required).

Want to grill? Get a permit from the Fire Department.

Want a jumpy house? Give the city a $250 deposit and make sure the company providing the inflatable jumper has $1 million in liability insurance. And if you’re dreaming about a pony at your child’s party, consider this: The city of San Francisco expects you to have a veterinarian on hand.

In case you’re wondering,

“You need a veterinarian because there is a lot of concern by the pro-animal groups. They want to make sure everything is good for the horse.”

Since only the well-heeled or well-connected could hope to comply with such rules, I guess it doesn’t matter if everything is good for the kids whose families might be most likely to want to use a public park—those lacking a large private yard. “Public,” indeed.

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