This Week in The Lighthouse: Road to Recovery | Nobel Prize | Obama’s Wars | Runaway Defense Spending

Why won’t Obama’s $50 billion plan for transportation infrastructure fix the problems that road users consider to be the highest priorities? How different would Latin America be today had its political economy resembled Mario Vargas Llosa’s approach to literature? What does Bob Woodward’s latest book tell us about the Obama administration’s approach to the war in Afghanistan? Why can’t one trillion dollars of U.S. defense spending be accounted for?

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1. Road to Economic Recovery Must Bypass Federal Spending
2. The Meaning of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature
3. Woodward Sheds Light on Obama’s Wars
4. Runaway Defense Spending Does Not Strengthen U.S. Security

Carl Close is Research Fellow and Senior Editor for The Independent Institute and Assistant Editor of The Independent Review and editor of The Lighthouse, The Independent Institute’s weekly e-mail newsletter.
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