Tag: Government subsidies
Trump’s Ethanol Plans Double Down on Bad Environmental Policy
Government-Pushed Ethanol Harms People, Environment
Time to Stop Taxpayer Funding for Sports Stadiums
California Parents Need Educational Choices, Not Court Battles
The Fight for Freedom Must Continue Post-Janus
Capitalism’s Biggest Enemies Are Capitalists
Why Subsidize the U.S. Department of Education When We Could Be Funding ESAs Ourselves?
Tax Reform III: Tax Employer Health Care Benefits; Offer a Tax Credit to Health Insurance Purchasers
Tax Reform II: Lower Rates; Eliminate Deductions
Not a “New Deal,” a “Fair Deal” or a “Square Deal,” but Supposedly a “Better Deal”
Who Are the Demanders of Local Government Services?
Does Pell Propel College Graduates?
A Glimpse into the College Entitlement Mentality
Have a Student Loan Question? Take a Number and Wait in Line
School May Be Out, but the Criticism of Common Core Isn’t Taking a Vacation
Don’t Blame “Underfunding” for Soaring College Prices
Which States Get the Biggest Piece of the Federal Education Funding Pie?
Parental Choice, Not Compulsory Preschool, Is “The Way of the Future”
Fed ED Flunks
Parental Choice: A Better Way to Fulfill the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education
Warren Buffet’s Non Sequitur on Taxes
Big Government Creates Political Polarization
The Truth about Tesla Motors
Government Investment in Self-Driving Cars: Leading from Behind
Health Spending Slows to a Less Alarming Pace

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