A Timely Economics Seminar for Homeschoolers

The Independent Institute, the Institute for Principle Studies, and Economic Thinking cordially invite homeschooled students and their parents to attend:

Preview for Homeschoolers from the Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars

Thursday, June 4, 2009
4:30 – 7:30 p.m.
The Independent Institute
100 Swan Way
Oakland, California
Map and Directions

Seminar fee: $5 per person. Includes pizza dinner.

510-632-1366 or [email protected]

Preliminary Schedule:

4:30 Introduction: Why Economics Matters More Than Ever
Greg Rehmke, Economic Thinking / E Pluribus Unum Films

5:00 The Auto Industry Bailouts: A Principled Critique
Mike Winther, Institute for Principle Studies

5:30 Would Energy Independence Make America More Secure?
Brian Gothberg, The Independent Institute

6:00 Dinner Break & Informal Discussion

6:30 Ordered Liberty: Insights from Classic Authors
José Yulo, Academy of Art University

7:00 Conclusion: Can Government Be Held Accountable?
Anthony Gregory, The Independent Institute

7:30 Seminar Adjourns

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