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The Silence of the Deficit Hawks

The U.S. government did something in August 2018 that it has never done before. It spent $433 billion in taxpayer and borrowed dollars in a single month!

Our Present Situation: Eight Haiku

Cherry blossoms in Washington bathe frightful deeds in springtime beauty. — Firms too big to fail savor scent of roses from Treasury’s garden. — No systemic risk too dark a cloud for Congress to make darker still. — Government jobs cause illusion of revival – mirage in desert. — Big banks take their ease…
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Snowed Under in Washington, DC

The nation’s capital was buried in snow over the past week by two massive storms that blanketed the District of Columbia and much of the East Coast. Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia and countless other cities and towns likewise were hit hard by stiff Arctic winds and record-setting accumulations of the white stuff. But the…
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