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The U.A.W.’s Plan to Move All Auto Manufacturing Overseas

As the “big three” U.S. auto manufacturers have lost market share—and two of the three have gone into bankruptcy, only to be rescued by the federal government—foreign manufacturers have filled the void.  Many of those foreign auto manufacturers now make many of the cars they sell in the U.S. in U.S. factories.  The United…
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Obama: GM Will Repay Bailout Money?

President Obama says “We expect taxpayers will get back all the money my administration has invested in GM.”  As I write, GM is planning an initial public offering of stock (IPO) to raise money to pay back “…the money [President Obama’s] administration invested…”  As an aside, I do like the way the president takes…
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Robert Higgs’s Recent Interview by Libertad Digital (here in English)

I was interviewed recently by Angel Martin for Libertad Digital, an interesting Spanish website. The interview was posted today. Topics discussed include the recent financial debacle, the current recession, the government’s recent policy actions, and several related, more general subjects, such as “regime uncertainty” and U.S. foreign policy. For those who might be interested…
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