Tag: U.S. Foreign Policy
For Most Americans, U.S. Defense and Foreign Affairs Take Place in a Parallel Universe
What Is Kim Jong-un Thinking?
DOD vs. CIA: Syria Edition
D.C.’s “Missing” Memorial
Debate: Hillary Clinton’s Judgment, as Secretary of State
Save the Children. Open the Border
Military Aid — “If We Don’t Do It, Someone Else Will”
The Power Elite
The Consummate Fallen Angel
On U.S. Foreign Policy
No U.S. Weapons for Countries with Child Soldiers (Oh, You Have a Waiver?)
Normalizing Relations with Cuba: Good Policy
The Biggest Threat to North Korea Might Be Dessert
Saudi Arabia Pressures Russia
Is Humanitarian Aid Strengthening ISIS?
U.S. National Defense: Just Another Government Program
Coercive Foreign Policies and the Boomerang Effect
Perfecting Tyranny
Arming Syrian Rebels—Afghanistan Deja Vu?
Imposing Costs on Russia: How about a Food Embargo?
Your Tax Dollars at Work at the Ex-Im Bank
New Insights into Iraq
In Defense of Edward Snowden Against John Kerry’s Slanderous Attacks
New Video with Ron Paul: “Defining Liberty: The Future of Freedom”
What Middle East Peace Process?

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