Tag: Second Amendment
Progressive Betrayals of Civil Liberties
The Aurora Shootings
Ann Coulter Is Essentially Right
Federal District Court Strikes Down Maryland’s Restrictive Concealed-Carry Law
This Week in The Lighthouse: WikiLeaks, Right to Bear Arms, Trillion Dollar Foreign Policy, Venezuela
Second Amendment Incorporated Against the States
John Lotts’s More Guns, Less Crime Now in Expanded Edition
The University of Alabama at Huntsville (Another “Gun Free Zone”)
Stephen Halbrook Testifies Against Sotomayor for Supreme Court
Stephen Halbrook on Second Amendment Rights
Stephen Halbrook on Fox News with Glenn Beck on Gun Control
Stephen Halbrook with CNN’s Lou Dobbs on Gun Control
Halbrook Testimony on C-SPAN on Nominee Eric Holder for Attorney General
Halbrook to Testify in Hearings on Eric Holder for Attorney General
Second Amendment Book Bomb Launched on Bill of Rights Day, Dec. 15
Mississippi’s Pioneering Gun and Ammunition Control Law

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