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Localize, Don’t Federalize, Educational Choice

Parental choice in education has many advantages, as we see in the growing majority of states with choice programs. Yet using the federal government to expand educational choice is risky, as The Heritage Foundation’s Linsdey Burke, The Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey, and I explain in our Washington Post editorial. The Trump administration has made clear that it wants to…
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Children Are Not Creatures of the State: New Hampshire Edition

Politicians across the country like to claim that they’re all in favor of local control of education—until parents and their locally elected officials actually start trying to exercise it. The small New Hampshire town of Croydon is a case in point. Like many small towns in New Hampshire, Croydon does not have public schools…
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The “Great for Students” Chicago Teachers Strike

Only in the bizarro world of education politics would a teachers union strike that shut down schools for a week, affecting 350,000 students, be hailed as “great for students” and an exemplar of “union and management coming together to create great public schools, to make sure every single school is a school of choice.”…
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“Yes, Mr. President”: Clunkers, not Kids

Breaking news this week: Obama’s minions attacked Senator Joseph Lieberman and other independents/moderates on health care while that same faction begged with him not to have Senator Dick Durbin kill the DC Voucher Program. Durbin pulled the plug on those poor kids and Obama signed on the dotted line. [NOTE: I am opposed to any…
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School Choice: Really Free, Semi-Free, or Flee as Fast as You Can?

School choice is one of the most popular ideas promoted by liberty-minded writers and politicians. Milton Friedman was the most influential advocate of “school choice.” In Capitalism and Freedom (1962), Friedman argued for school vouchers on efficiency grounds. Forty years later, Friedman devoted himself to this one issue by establishing the Milton & Rose…
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