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New Study Misdiagnoses Elevated U.S. Drug Prices

An interesting research article at the Health Affairs blog last week asserts there is no relationship between high U.S. prescription drug prices and drug companies’ research and development budgets. The point of the article is to debunk the argument that research-based drug companies must earn high profits if they are going to reinvest in…
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EpiPen: A Case Study in Health Insurance Failure

I recently wrote a post describing EpiPen as a “Case Study in Government Harm,” describing how the government had made it possible for the manufacturer to increase prices of the life-saving drug multiple times without fear of retaliation. It is also a case study in how health insurance distorts our choices and increases their…
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A Defense of “Big Bad Pharma”

Late last year Turing Pharmaceuticals provoked a serious backlash after hiking the price of the pill Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill. The head of the company defended his firm against the criticism, but many found his arguments lacking. While we may question the overnight price jump of more than 5,400 percent, economics…
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Paying for Drugs: Long-Term Benefits vs. Short-Term Costs

PwC has published its predictive Top Health Industry Trends for 2016. It is enthusiastic about the uptake of mobile and telehealth technologies, and consumerism in health care. Overall, the report is both interesting and uncontroversial. However, there is one datum, from a consumer survey, which is hard to figure out. PwC asked consumers about…
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