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The Big Short’s Oscar Win and Capitalism in Film

My blogging colleague Bob Murphy did a nice job of reviewing The Big Short in January, but the film is worth revisiting in light of its Academy Award win for best adapted screenplay. Nominated for five awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, with fine acting by all the principals in the star-studded cast,…
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The “Scientific” Fraud of Climate Doomsday Mongering

With the Climategate revelations, momentum is definitely building against the credibility of the climate doomsday mongering, but will it be enough to derail the juggernaut for global warming statism? As the Wall Street Journal has noted in its November 27th editorial, “Rigging a Climate ‘Consensus’”: The furor over these documents is not about tone,…
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Michael Crichton, RIP

Crichton, wonderful novelist, scientist, and dissenter from climate change orthodoxy, has passed away at the age of 66. Three years ago, the Independent Institute featured him at an intellectually engaging conference on the politics of environmentalist fear. May he rest in peace.

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