Tag: Libya
Debate: Hillary Clinton’s Judgment, as Secretary of State
Never Forget
The Emperor in Denial
The Twisted Premises Implicit in the Drive for War
The Greatest Purveyor of Violence in the World
Obama and Romney: War Is Peace
The Buck Stops Here
Don’t Blame the Libyan People
You Call This a War? I’ll Show You a War
The Mirage of Constitutional Government
Another U.S. War for al-Qaeda
Last Chance to Sign Open Letter to Obama (prominent libertarians, academics, former government officials, liberals, conservatives, etc., already on list)
Redefining War Downwards
The House of Representatives Does the Right thing
War Costs Soar, and Yet More War Than We Bargained For
An Open Letter to Obama (Bring Home the Troops)
Democracy is Over-Rated
Is the CIA Helping More al-Qaeda Associates?
Why They Hate Us
Charles Peña Critiques Obama’s War in Libya on Fox Business Channel
The Anti-Suffragette: War-Mongering Women’s Place Is Not in Power
Charles Peña to Reply to Obama on Libya: Freedom Watch on Fox Business Channel Tonight
How to Garner Support for a War
War’s Unbelievable Price Tag
Jon Stewart: Obama Launches Unconstitutional “Un”-War in Libya Without Congress

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