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“Gaia” Guru Admits Global Warming Alarmism Is Wrong

James Delingpole reports in the Telegraph of London that James Lovelock, the “greenest” of the “greens,” now admits that the doomsaying over global warming is wrong. [O]ne of the archest of the world’s arch Greenies – James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia hypothesis and therefore, more or less, founder of the world’s most powerful…
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Solving the Federal Land Problem

For most of its history, the U.S. government maintained a policy of transferring acquired lands to private owners and to the states. This changed around the turn of the 20th century, however, as the Progressives preached the “gospel of efficiency,” a doctrine that hailed the scientific management of natural resources by enlightened public servants….
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Nobel Laureate Economist Ronald Coase Turns 101

On December 29th, the world-renowned economist Ronald H. Coase celebrated in Chicago his 101st birthday. Professor Coase received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1991, and he is the Clifton R. Musser Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Chicago Law School and the former, highly influential editor of the prestigious Journal…
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Good News for Californians: Redevelopment Agencies Shut Down

In the face of substantial budgetary problems, California’s legislature voted to shut down its more than 400 redevelopment agencies that used tax dollars to partner with developers to redevelop blighted areas.  Governor Jerry Brown proposed shutting down those agencies, saying the $5 billion they spent annually could be better spent elsewhere. One reason this…
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Greek “Privatization” Isn’t

Greece is reportedly putting into practice Independent Institute Senior Fellow William Shughart’s recommended course of action to insolvent governments: sell off government-held assets, pay off your debts, and get your fiscal house in order for the future. And Greek’s government owns vast swathes of highly desirable property: An umbrella company for most of Greece’s…
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Land Use Planning Takes a Step Back in Florida

Florida’s new Governor Rick Scott promised to cut government and make Florida more business-friendly when he campaigned.  In addition to overseeing a reduction in state spending, which I wrote about here, he also dialed back the state’s land use planning by cutting state oversight, and abolishing the agency that was the overseer.  The bill…
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Robert Higgs Speaks on the U.S. Government’s Ethanol Scam

Here is Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs speaking on “Ethanol Subsidies Have Many Bad Consequences,” from the Mises Circle seminar, “Agricultural Subsidies: Down on the D.C. Farm,” held May 14th in Indianapolis. [audio:2011_05_14_higgs_indianapolis.mp3] Download audio file (27:51 minutes) Please also see the following books: Plowshares & Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture,…
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It’s Official: Environmentalism Is the New Religion

Robert Nelson, in the Independent Institute’s recent book, The New Holy Wars, points out that environmental religion owes its moral activism, ascetic discipline, reverence for nature, and fallen view of man to the Protestant theology of John Calvin. Manhattan’s new Church of Earthalujah is perhaps the most striking—though hardly rare—expression of this new religion….
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Bruce Benson Discusses His Book Property Rights

Independent Institute Senior Fellow Bruce Benson discusses his 2010 book, Property Rights: Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Re-Examined, in a twenty-minute podcast produced by Kosmos available here. The interview was conducted by Jeanne Hoffman last October, but it is as timely as ever. Topics in the interview include: the use of the courts and…
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Blacks in Montgomery Organize Against “Eminent Domain through the Back Door”

Property owners in Mongomery, in cooperation with the Institute for Justice, are organizing a press conference for Saturday to organize opposition to the city’s demolition of homes (many owned by blacks in Rosa Parks’ old neighborhood) through “eminent domain through the back door.” Christina Walsh has a powerful story: On Imagine you come home…
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