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Review: The Florida Project Shines Light on Underbelly of American Labor Market

The Florida Project, a brilliant new film by director/screenwriter Sean Baker (Tangerine, Take Out) explores the precarious world of people living just a few dollars short of homelessness through the ears and eyes of six-year olds. Baker balances adult desperation and childlike optimism, an enigmatic blend that creates a gripping story centering on an…
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Obama Supports Worker Freedom?

Occupational licensing occurs when the state government legislates that a person cannot practice a trade — for example, law, medicine, or hair-braiding — without a license. For years, libertarian and conservative researchers have recognized that occupational licensing increases costs and reduces choices for consumers, and prevents entrepreneurs from entering the market. Now look who’s…
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Andrew Klavan: “Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work”

Andrew Klaven at PJTV presents here an insightful video analysis of government-employee unions. For further information, please see the following: Out of Work: Unemployment and Government in Twentieth-Century America, by Richard K. Vedder and Lowell E. Gallaway “The New, New Left: How American Politics Works Today, by Steven Malanga,” reviewed by Gary Jason (The…
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Two Views of the Labor Market in the Deepening Recession

Although economists assess economic downturns primarily in terms of the reduction in aggregate output of final goods and services, the public pays greatest attention to the rate of unemployment. Ever since the Great Depression, it seems, people have lived in mortal fear of having their current employment terminated, and politicians have come to evaluate every…
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