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Who’s the Bigger Witch Doctor? Gerald Friedman or Paul Krugman?

Conflict has erupted among left-progressive economists over a study touting the alleged benefits of Bernie Sanders’s proposals. Specifically, the Sanders campaign was happily citing UMass at Amherst economist Gerald Friedman’s 53-page analysis (released on January 28) that projected the eccentric candidate would deliver amazing economic performance–especially for the middle class and poor–over the first ten…
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I Agree With Paul Krugman, but This Time Only!

In the last of his three Lionel Robbins lectures at the London School of Economics on June 30 of this year, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman remarked that the macroeconomic theory of the past thirty years has been “spectacularly useless at best, and positively harmful at worst” (“The Other Worldly Philosophers”, The Economist, July 18–24,…
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GlobeAsia quotes Higgs on How Governments Cause Financial Crises

In an article in the December 2008 issue of GlobeAsia, economist Steve Hanke quotes Senior Fellow Robert Higgs and references Dr. Higgs’s monumental Independent Institute book, Depression, War and Cold War, to show how federal government policies created, deepened and prolonged the Great Depression, killing off the chances for recovery until after World War…
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