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Obamacare’s Individual Mandate and Tax Credits Are Really, Really Inefficient

Obamacare’s least popular feature is the individual “mandate” to have health insurance. This requirement was the subject of the 2012 lawsuit asserting Obamacare was unconstitutional: Never before had the federal government forced any resident to buy a good or service from a private business. The people lost that argument. Nevertheless, whether we label the…
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Unpopular Individual Mandate Fails to Make People Buy Insurance

Just before Christmas, Congress voted to deficit fund Obamacare by imposing moratoria on a number of Obamacare taxes that are unpopular with interest groups. Left in place was the unpopular individual mandate to buy health insurance, which has no organized interest to lobby against it. Nevertheless, it is the most unpopular part of Obamacare….
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Will 11 Million Pay Obamacare’s Mandate Penalty?

I recently took issue with lack of clarity in media coverage of a report by the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, which claimed that 6.6 million people paid Obamacare’s individual-mandate penalty last year. I figured the total must be significantly higher, because each tax return would cover more than one individual. In an e-mail to me…
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Is the Court Engaging in Activism if It Strikes Down ObamaCare?

The President is issuing warnings that any adverse judicial action on the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act will amount to activism. Here is a snippet of his comments as appearing in USA Today: “I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is the biggest problem on the bench was judicial…
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ObamaCare on the Ropes?

On Friday, the members of the Supreme Court will meet together and voice their positions on the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act.  Prior to the three days of arguments, most pundits were skeptical that the Court would strike the law.  However, in reading the tea leaves after argument, the bet is that swing-vote…
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