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Doctors Leaving Private Practice for Hospitals
Medicare Changes Have Reduced Hospital Readmissions, but More Reforms Are Needed
Hospitals and Insurers Are Dropping the Ball
More Evidence Against Health Insurance
Are Prescription Drug Prices Becoming as Meaningless as Hospital Charges?
Two-Thirds of Patients’ Hospital Debts Are Unpaid
Hospital Ownership of Physicians Drives Up Costs
Hospital Profits Rise 9 Percent
Hospital Job Growth Up versus Other Health Jobs
What Happened to the Midwives? (Hint: Government)
No Joke, Paul Krugman Praised Veterans Health System as National Model
Once Again, Government Displaces Real Aid
Hospital Care That Is Priceless
How Third-Party Payers Crush Entrepreneurs
How Much Do You Trust the Government? Politics, Patients, and Perverse Incentives

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