Tag: Hospitals
High U.S. Health Prices from Market Power?
Did a Health Insurer Pay over Ten Times the Self-Pay Price for Outpatient Surgery?
Health Jobs Grow Twice as Fast in April as Other Jobs
Florida’s Financial Health Care Follies, and a Problem with a Part-Time Legislature
Despite Weak U.S. Employment Numbers Overall, Healthcare Jobs Continue Steady Climb
Weak Health Jobs Growth; Mostly in Hospitals and Physicians’ Offices
Why Hasn’t Medicare Advantage Collapsed?
“Site-Neutral” Medicare Payments: A Good Idea from President Obama’s Budget
Medicaid Expansion Does Not Create Healthcare Jobs
High Taxes, Lack of Federal Bailout Make Vermont Cancel Single-Payer Plan
Your Kaiser Permanente Doctor Will See You Now – At Target
92 Percent of Nurses Are Dissatisfied with Electronic Health Records
Is Medicaid-Associated Overuse of Emergency Departments Just a Surge?
The Case for Drugstore Clinics
Hospital Administrative Costs Are Highest in the United States
Obamacare Might Have Enrolled Only 2.3 Million; Spent $73 Billion to Save Less Than $6 Billion in Uncompensated Care
More Evidence That Medicaid Expansion Increases Emergency Department Use
Hospitals Are Cutting Charity Care and Using Emergency Rooms More
A Very Weak Case for Hospital Mergers
After $26 Billion Paid Out, Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records Only 4 Percent of Target
Medicaid’s Financing Merry-Go-Round
Understanding Waiting Times for Health Care
Non-Hospital Healthcare Jobs Are Growing Fast
More Evidence Suggests Obamacare Is Not Driving Hospitals Bankrupt
Health Care Workforce Continues to Shift Away from Hospitals

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