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Health Spending and Prices to Rise, 2018 through 2025
Over a Decade Later, Tax Hikes Still Proposed to Pay for Romneycare
Consumer-Driven Health Plans Reduce Health Spending One-Eighth
Medicare’s Accountable Care Organizations Still Underwhelm
Chemotherapy Payment Reform: Medicare Is Missing the Elephant in the Room
Obamacare’s Death Panel: Deferred, but Not Dismissed
Paying for Drugs: Long-Term Benefits vs. Short-Term Costs
The Reconciliation Distraction
Third-Party Bureaucracies Can’t Discipline Healthcare Prices
Hospital Ownership of Physicians Drives Up Costs
High-Deductible Health Insurance Crushes Health Spending
Data Show Deflation Except in Health Care (Again)
Health Jobs Dominate Terrible Jobs Report
Producer Price Index: Big Gap in Hospital Inpatient & Outpatient Prices
Health Spending an Increasing Share of GDP
Health Plan Deductibles Grew Seven Times Faster Than Wages
Health Spending Growth Moderate in Second Quarter (Maybe)
Health Spending as a Share of Personal Consumption Keeps Rising
Why We Are on an Unsustainable Path

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