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Obamacare Authorities Actually Think Health Costs Fell

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has just made the remarkable claim that medical costs paid by health insurers operating in Obamacare’s exchanges declined in 2015 from 2014: Per-enrollee costs in the ACA individual market were essentially unchanged between 2014 and 2015. Specifically, after making comparability adjustments described below, per-member-per month (PMPM)…
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Ambulatory Surgery Centers Saved $38 Billion in Private Health Spending

New research from the Healthcare Bluebook (sponsored by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association) indicates the privately insured population saved $38 billion by using Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) instead of hospital outpatient departments for day surgeries. That figure includes $5 billion of lower out-of-pocket costs paid by patients directly. What is remarkable is that only…
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Commonwealth Fund’s Red Herring on Risk Selection in Obamacare

One of this blog’s consistent themes is that Obamacare encourages insurers to seek to enroll healthy people in exchanges and to shun sick people. A new study from the Commonwealth Fund insists this is not the case. It concludes that “insurers aren’t seeking lower-risk customers outside the ACA exchanges as some feared” and that…
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Did 15 Million — Not 6.6 Million — Pay Obamacare’s Mandate Penalty?

The media have reported that 6.6 million “taxpayers” paid the Obamacare penalty (tax) for not obeying the individual mandate to buy federally qualified health insurance in 2014. However, the actual figure must be much larger. The report by the Taxpayer Advocate discusses “returns,” although not individual taxpayers. It reports that 2.6 million 2014 returns…
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