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VA Nursing Home Scandal Exposes Substandard Government Health Care
Average Wait Time to See a Doctor up 30 Percent in Three Years
Where Does Your Health Insurance Premium Go?
Obamacare’s Bureaucracy: The Amazing Rise in Health Insurance Jobs
Government Failure in Health Systems Is Widespread
EpiPen: A Case Study in Health Insurance Failure
EpiPen: A Case Study of Government Harm
Obamacare’s Perverse Job-Creation Program
Ambulatory Surgery Centers Saved $38 Billion in Private Health Spending
Another Hit on Price Transparency in Health Care
Significant Drop in Private Health Facilities Construction in September
Data Show Deflation Except in Health Care
New Evidence that Obamacare Is Working?
Roberts Was Influenced by the “Greenhouse Effect”
Limits on the taxing power?
ObamaCare Mandate Upheld: Those dirty, rotten taxes!
Does (or Should) SCOTUS Have the Final Word on the ObamaCare Statute?
Is the Court Engaging in Activism if It Strikes Down ObamaCare?
ObamaCare on the Ropes?
State Attorneys General File Suit Challenging Contraception Subsidy
Commerce and Health Care: The Eleventh Circuit Speaks
Students: Enroll in an Independent Institute Summer Seminar!
Virginia District Court Upholds Obamacare
Robert Higgs’s Recent Interview by Libertad Digital (here in English)
Dave Barry’s Review of the Year 2009

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