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The Federal Budget in Plain English

According to the President’s Office of Management and Budget, the 2016 federal budget looks like this (p. 115): [table id=1 /] Now let’s pretend this is a household budget by removing eight zeros: [table id=2 /] Clearly, this family is financially irresponsible, as rising debt and debt-service costs consume the family budget. To continue…
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The Costs of Federal Bailouts—How much do YOU pay??

The Independent Institute’s Senior Fellow William Shughart on Human Events, bringing the real costs of the federal bailouts to YOU. Check out MyGovCost‘s Government Cost Calculator for more!

Cash for Clunkers, Obamacare, and Sustainability

Sustainability is a compelling concept these days, although it always seems to be applied to people’s private choices.  Meanwhile, everybody knows the federal government has committed to an unsustainable flow of future expenditures.  The promises the federal government already has made for Social Security and health care cannot possibly be met.  If our legislators…
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Federal Reserve Cannot Account for $9 Trillion

Momentum is building with 179 co-sponsors for Congressman Ron Paul’s bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to audit the Federal Reserve System (Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009) not just because of the growing unrest over the Fed’s gigantic and reckless expansion of trillions of dollars in credit during the past eight months…
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Give Bernanke Credit—For Chutzpah

In my mind’s eye, I envision a street fair—one of those happy community gatherings at which sellers of handcrafted ceramics, funky clothing, herbal remedies, fresh vegetables, and edible delicacies congregate to display their wares for the strolling customers, who chat amiably with the stall-keepers and with one another. Suddenly, amid horrified shrieks and the…
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Dennis Prager Interviews Robert Higgs

Syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager interviewed Bob Higgs on Feb. 24. In case you missed it, the lovely production staff sent me this file. After discussing Obama’s stimulus plan and dispelling myths surrounding wartime spending, Prager admits to wanting to fly to Louisiana just to hug Bob. Well worth a listen. [audio:2009_02_24_higgs_prager.mp3]

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