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Want a Happier, Healthier, and More Prosperous Society? Try Freedom, Innovation and Incentives

“I will promote freedom at all costs,” is the first line of the Draper University pledge. Draper University of Heroes is a school I created to encourage people with ideas and energy to pursue their visions through entrepreneurship and risktaking. For an entrepreneur, freedom matters most. The ability to try new things without government…
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Stimulating—Enough Already!

Despite the evidence to the contrary, the dominant sentiment among politicians, academics and journalists in the United States, Europe and Japan continues to be that stimulating the economy via fiscal and monetary policy is the answer to the economic stagnation. It was stimulation—coupled with lower tax revenue due to the recession—that got several European…
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The U. S. Should Emulate, Not Censure, Honduras

When Honduras’s president Manuel Zalaya attempted recently to unconstitutionally extend his powers, in this case to thwart his term limit, Honduras’s Congress—controlled by the president’s own party—and Supreme Court acted quickly and decisively to remove him from office, and utilized the military to enforce their rulings. In contrast, as a series of U.S. presidents…
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