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Review: Little Pink House Shows How Machinery of Government Undermines Civil Liberties

Little Pink House tells the sordid tale of how the city of New London, Connecticut, seized private homes through eminent domain to subsidize private corporate development.

Biblically Inspired Verses for Contemporary Americans

Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a central bank soweth, that shall it also reap. The legislator that is without sin among you, let him cast the first vote to outlaw victimless actions. Given that more than 4,500 actions are now considered federal crimes, blessed are the merciful federal prosecutors, for…
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Fox News on Montgomery’s Eminent Domain Through the Back Door

In my capacity as chair of the Alabama State Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights I am featured today in two Fox stories (print and television). Our committee has been investigating eminent domain as a civil rights issue. The stories describe how “eminent domain through the back door” has become commonplace…
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What is The Pursuit of Justice?

After returning home to the United States from a trip abroad, I almost always experience a comforting sense of security. The surroundings look familiar, traffic is relatively sane, and I always know where to find a great burger when I need one. But there is something deeper going on as well. Here in the…
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Twelve Parallels in Political Economy

The federal budget is to a tolerable government as the Palace of Versailles is to a two-car garage. *** The Code of Federal Regulations is to the rule of law as a trainload of cyanide is to a nutritious diet. *** A member of Congress is to the preservation of our liberties as a member…
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Save More and Live Better, Just Not at the Expense of Others

Walmart takes a lot of heat for its alleged effects on wages, employment, labor standards, and community quality-of-life. In research we’ve worked on over the last few years, my co-authors and I have examined the merits of these claims and have found that a lot of this heat is undeserved. Rigorous empirical research shows…
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Stealing Land in Montgomery, Alabama

Will the current outrage in Montgomery provoke a modern civil rights movement against eminent domain through the back door? It certainly should. On Wednesday in Montgomery, developer Jim Peera displayed this map as part of his testimony at a public forum of the State Advisory Committee (which I chair) of the U.S. Commission on…
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Something is Rotten in Montgomery: Yesterday’s Eminent Domain Meeting

Many property owners came forward to tell their horror stories at the meeting the State Advisory Committee (which I chair) of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Something is rotten in the home of the modern civil rights movement. I’ll post photos later today (time permitting). Here is the story in the Montgomery Advertiser:…
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NRO Blog on Eminent Domain Meeting in Montgomery Tomorrow: From Rosa Parks to Kelo

NRO‘s “The Corner” has run my post on tomorrow’s meeting. If you value property rights, please come! Here is an excerpt: What is happening to property owners in Montgomery? Jimmy McCall would like to know. Last year, the city government went back on an agreement and used a “blight” law and demolished his house,…
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A New Civil Rights Fight in Montgomery (Property Rights Abuse)

On Wednesday, Alabamans who have charged violations of their property rights by local governments can bring their complaints to a public forum in Montgomery sponsored by the State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. In this story from the Tuscaloosa News, I provide some specifics on the people who will appear:…
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