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Whose money is it?

The Washington Times has an interesting op-ed up about Justice Kagan’s view of money.  Here is a snippet: Justice Kagan’s dissent gave the game away in its first sentence. The tuition tax credit, she wrote, is “diverted tax revenue.” Later, she elaborated, “Both deplete funds in the government’s coffers by transferring money to select…
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William Watkins on NPR’s Talk of the Nation Discussing Supreme Court Nominations

With the hearings on the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, Research Fellow William J. Watkins, Jr., was interviewed on NPR’s Talk of the Nation to discuss how to revise the nomination and selection process of Supreme Court Justices, based on his recent article in the Washington Examiner, “A role for…
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New Strategy in War on Terror? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Buried on page A19 of yesterday’s New York Times was what should have been Charlie Savage’s front-page story. In “Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s in Some Areas,” Savage highlights several troubling comparisons between the two administrations. While acknowledging that just after the inauguration, “Mr. Obama thrilled civil liberties groups when he issued…
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