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State Governments Are Becoming the Biggest Drug Lords of All

The so-called war on drugs—actually a war on certain people associated in various ways with certain drugs—has served since the Nixon administration as a major profit center for governments at every level. Owing to the ostensible efforts to suppress the possession, use, and commerce in these drugs, governments have been able to justify great…
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Follow the Silk Road

Stretching some 4,000 miles, the “Silk Road” was a trade network connecting the continent of Asia. From around 200 B.C., the route, running from China to India, to the Mediterranean Sea, the horn of Africa, and beyond, is largely credited for opening up trade in much of the world, leading to the development and exchange…
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Troubling Public Opinion Trends for Gun Rights and Civil Liberties

On how to respond to mass shootings and violent crime, the public opinion trends frighten me, especially when broken down by political identification. Predictably, Democrats are in favor of gun control by wider margins than Republicans. But still, 92% of Republicans favor universal background checks, which I consider as bad a proposal as any…
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Alexander Cockburn, RIP

Journalist Alexander Cockburn has died after a painful battle with cancer at the age of 71. Cockburn wrote for The Nation and co-edited Counterpunch, my favorite radical leftist website. Whenever I talked about there being hope on the left, I was mainly thinking about people like Cockburn. Cockburn embodied the admirable concerns of leftism—good conditions…
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Democrats Push for National ID

At least since 9/11, the Democrats have, if anything, been even worse than the Republicans in their push for a national ID. I recall the Bush administration, very early on, dismissing this totalitarian idea, although Bush soon enough signed the Real ID Act into law, with the support of hawkish and anti-immigration conservatives. But…
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Drugs: Should They Be Legal or Illegal?

Last week, I spoke to a class at Idlewild Presbyterian Church on the economics of drug prohibition. My notes are below.  Cross-posted at Division of Labour.

How CA Should Respond to Medical Marijuana Raid

Activists are outraged over Obama’s raid of Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco, but they should not be surprised. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder had promised to end federal medical marijuana raids, as conducted by both Clinton and Bush’s administrations, leaving alone dispensaries operating legally under state law. Obama broke the spirit of…
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Legalize All Drugs

John Stossel has a great piece arguing for a full end to drug prohibition, dispensing with some of the more pervasive drug war propaganda. He rips apart some of the myths out there, but I especially appreciate his moral argument that adults have a right to poison themselves: “[A]dults ought to own our own…
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A Department of Justice on Steroids

It’s amazing how much buzz has revolved around Barry Bonds’s steroid use. Now, private organizations, including sports teams and leagues, should be free to mandate abstention from whatever drugs. Fans and others might disagree with their decisions (the Olympics rules, in particular, can be pretty harsh—I personally find it ridiculous that they stripped a…
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