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Slavery and Justifications for Southern Secession in Their Own Words

With the national debate over removing monuments to confederate war heroes dominating headlines, perhaps we need a reminder of the principles and justifications for southern secession for which these men fought. The following excerpts are from the articles of secession adopted by five states, and the ordinances of secession adopted by the legislatures, conventions,…
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The CSA and Symbols: Learning from History

Since a crazed, hate-filled and cowardly gunman killed nine black Christians in Charleston, South Carolina, the PC police have been in attack mode on anything  associated with the Confederate States of America.  The South Carolina General Assembly quickly voted to removed the Battle Flag from a Confederate Soldiers’ Memorial on the State House grounds.  Now, critics…
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Justice Scalia to Preside in Mock Trial on Texas Secession

The WSJ blog notes that Justice Antonin Scalia will preside over a retrial of Texas v. White.  This event will be sponsored by the Supreme Court’s Historical Society.  This case centered on whether bond sales by the State of Texas, while part of the Confederate States of America, were valid.   The Reconstruction government of…
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