Tag: CIA
“We have clearance, Clarence.”
If You Have Nothing to Hide . . .
Privacy Rights, Cronyism, and Jason Bourne
Politics and American Surveillance
Government’s Demonstrated Security Incompetence Warrants Abolishing Its Powers
The Long Road Back from Torture
Terror and Torture in the Name of “National Security”
Never Forget
NSA “Fatigue”?
For John Kerry, Where He Stands Depends on Where He Sits
NSA Chief Recommends Severely Curtailing Spying. Obama Won’t.
Et tu, Angry Birds?
“Parallel Construction”: Government Term for Lying About Its Investigations
NSA Collects ‘Word for Word’ Every Domestic Communication
How Many Warnings Do We Need?
The Stalinization of Amerika
Bush Wasn’t a Conservative and Obama Isn’t a Liberal
Now We Know: War Is Murder
The National Security Agency Collects and Stores Everyone’s Email, Indefinitely
Obama Beneficiaries Are Top Obama Campaign Donors
Flying the Fascist Skies
Weird Al Yankovic: “Party in the C.I.A.”
Why This Gigantic “Intelligence” Apparatus? Follow the Money
Torture Renders Suspects Unfit for Trial
Making the Extraordinary Ordinary

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