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Illustrating Obamacare’s Effect on Employers’ Health Costs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published a chart showing how health-benefit costs among private employers have increased over the past decade. The chart shows health benefits increased from 6.9 percent of total compensation in September 2006 to 7.6 percent last September. The 0.7 percentage point absolute increase is a relative increase of ten…
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Will the Real Rate of Unemployment Please Stand Up

As the recession has deepened and the rate of unemployment has risen, a number of commentators have sought, for various reasons, to portray the situation as far graver than the “official” rate of unemployment indicates. Some of these commentators charge that the government is deliberately misrepresenting the amount of unemployment and that the “real”…
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Two Views of the Labor Market in the Deepening Recession

Although economists assess economic downturns primarily in terms of the reduction in aggregate output of final goods and services, the public pays greatest attention to the rate of unemployment. Ever since the Great Depression, it seems, people have lived in mortal fear of having their current employment terminated, and politicians have come to evaluate every…
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