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Global Regime Uncertainty

Dr. Brendan Brown, Head of Economic Research at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International (London), recently cited Senior Fellow Robert Higgs‘s work on regime uncertainty—both as the cause of the prolongation of the Great Depression as well as today’s economic malaise—suggesting that his premise could well be expanded to explain today’s global economy. In his Economic…
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The Federal Reserve: Deficit Enabler

Even President Obama, the architect of our $1.4 trillion deficit, sees that it is a problem.  One indication is his call for a two-year pay freeze for federal workers.  (This seems like a tactical error, in that it will have hardly any actual effect on the deficit, and will antagonize federal workers, who would…
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Our Present Situation: Eight Haiku

Cherry blossoms in Washington bathe frightful deeds in springtime beauty. — Firms too big to fail savor scent of roses from Treasury’s garden. — No systemic risk too dark a cloud for Congress to make darker still. — Government jobs cause illusion of revival – mirage in desert. — Big banks take their ease…
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Robert Higgs on Bernanke and the Federal Reserve on Fox News “Freedom Watch”

Independent Institute Senior Fellow Robert Higgs is interviewed here on Fox News “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano,” regarding the Federal Reserve System. Based on his recent article, “A Reader’s Guide to Bernanke’s Preemptive Attack” on The Beacon, Dr. Higgs responds to the November 29th Washington Post article by Ben Bernanke, “The right reform for…
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The Maximum Wage Law

The United States enacted its minimum wage law in 1938.  It didn’t cover all workers, and still doesn’t, but establishes a policy that in some cases government should abridge people’s freedom of contract to mandate a wage different from the one people might agree upon.  The “principle” appears to be that some wage levels…
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The Reckless Federal Reserve, Bernard Madoff and Elihu Root: Lessons for Today

The Federal Reserve has now moved to escalate even further its inflationary jihad in a vain and highly dangerous attempt to “stimulate” the economy. As reported in the New York Times: The Federal Reserve entered a new era on Tuesday, lowering its benchmark interest rate virtually to zero and declaring that it would now…
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Higgs: Why Did the Great Depression Last So Long?

Robert Higgs helps us all understand in this great interview by Scott Horton at Antiwar Radio. They discuss the relationship between the inflation of World War One, the roaring ‘20’s and the Great Depression, Fed chief Ben Strong’s deal with the Bank of England’s Montague Norman to inflate in the 1920s in order to…
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